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Adoption Home Study Service

Adoption Home Study Service was founded by Mike Saunderson, MSW to provide adoption home study and counseling services to families in the State of Washington. Since then, the practice has expanded to include American families living abroad. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to your request, creating an adoption environment that is stress free and delivering your home study and adoption services in a timely manner.

Each state and foreign country that complies with the Hague Accord requires an in-home placement/assessment report before the adoption process can move forward. We provide domestic and international home studies for residents of the State of Washington. We also provide services for United States citizens living abroad.

We know how important the home study and adoption services process is and we partner with you to guarantee a satisfactory conclusion to your adoption. When you contact us, you are our number one priority. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the services we provide and will want to recommend us to your friends, family and co-workers. There are other service providers but we believe Adoption Home Study Service is the most responsive, creates the most stress-free adoption environment and delivers what you need in a timely manner.






An adoption is the official transfer of all of the parental rights that a biological parent has to a child, along with an assumption by the adopting parent of all of the parental rights of the biological parents that are being terminated and are assumed in their entirety by the adoptive parents, including the responsibility for the care and supervision of the child, nurturing and training, physical and emotional health, and financial support of the child.

We look forward to discussing your adoption service needs.

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